CG Board 10th English Assignment Answer – March 2021

CG Board 10th English Assignment Answer – March 2021: आजके इस आर्टिकल में हम जानने वाले है CGBoard के (English Assignment Answer) के सवाल के जवाब के बारे मे

Question 1

(A) What is noise?
Answer: A loud and unpleasant sound which we don’t enjoy is called noise? The sound of thunder, fire engines and screeching of tyres are some examples of noise

(B) Nicky and Valody are brothers, Who is younger and who is elder?
Answer: Yes, Nicky and Valody are brothers, Nicky is younger & Valody is elder.

Question 2

(A) What is the colour of cloth the weavers weave at fall of night?
Answer: At Night, they weave a white coloured cloth for the shroud of a dead body signifying death.

(B) From whom did the old man learn carving?
Answer: The old man learnt carving statues from his father.

Question 3

(A) What was the habit of Gandhiji’s uncle?
Answer: Gandhi’s uncle had a habit of smoking cigarettes.

(B) Where did Valmiki build his ashram? What did he write there?
Answer: Valmiki built his ashram on the banks of the Ganga, where he wrote the Ramayana.

Question 4

(A) What are the three visions of Dr. Kalam?
Answer: First Visions is that of Freedom.
Second Visions for India is Development.

(B) Who are the adults deceiving?
Answer: The adults think that they are deceiving children but actually they are deceiving themselves.

Question 5

(1) I go to school at 10o’clock. (Make a question)
Answer: When do you go to school?

(2) You should go to school regularly. (Make an imperative sentence)
Answer: You Go to School regularly!

(3) Write a letter (make a negative sentence)
Answer: Do not write letter.

(4) We know. Honesty is the best policy. (Combine the sentences using that)
Answer: We know that Honesty is the best policy

आशा है कि आप सभी असाइनमेंट अच्छे तरीके से बना रहे है अपने दोस्तों और दोस्तों के दोस्तों के साथ इसे शेयर करे ताकि सभी अपना असाइनमेंट जल्दी बना सके, सोशल मीडिया पर थोड़ा प्यार देकर हमारी मदद करे

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