English Proficiency MIL Assignment Answer – 62031207 BA Prog. 2nd Sem

English Proficiency MIL Assignment Answer: इस आर्टिकल में आपको Sol DU के के सभी असाइनमेंट के आंसर मिलेंगे, जिसकी मदद से आप अपना असाइनमेंट जल्दी और आसानी से कर सकते

Sol Du Ba Bcom All Assignment Answer List

Some Tips To Get Good Marks In Assignment

While submitting the assignment you should take care of the following things to gain good marks

Mention Your School Roll No:

While submitting the assignment you have to check whether you have mentioned your school roll no clearly on the answer sheet or not. It is compulsory to mention the school roll no.


You have to mention your signature clearly on every page of your answer sheet. It is clearly mentioned in the guidelines that the students need to mention their signature otherwise they can face some consequences.

Mention Your Exam Roll No

Your answer sheet will not be considered by the authorities if you didn’t mention your exam roll no on your answer sheet. So make sure that you mention and highlight your exam roll no to get good marks.

Use A4 Size Sheets Only:

You have to use the A4 size answer sheet in your assignment. You can use both plane and lining sheets as per your preference.

Question One

Write a short paragraph of about ten sentences on any one of the following statements

  • Honesty is the best policy
  • Without hard work nothing is possible
  • Eating healthy is the first step to good health


Honesty is the best policy:-

Every human being must learn to be honest. Honesty means truth. If a person wants to be honest, he must learn to speak the truth in life. Moreover, by being honest, a person will develop a strong moral character, learn good behavior, maintain discipline, follow the rules and regulations intelligently, and will always be punctual.

Every child must have learned the phrase ‘honesty is the best policy.’ Children learn honesty from their parents, elders and teachers. Still, people prefer to tell lies for their own benefits. Since the incidence of deceitful behavior is on a high, the revival of the teaching of honesty is necessary.

Benefits of Honesty:-

There are several benefits of honesty. Honesty helps in the development of morally strong characters. If you are honest, you will not be afraid of anything. You do not have to think about making false stories and then the fear of repeating the same in exact words. If you are honest, you do not have to remember any false stories. People will trust you more. An honest person will also develop discipline. An honest person will be extremely content, know what to do from time to time, and will not take any pressure or tension about anything.

The health will improve, and the mind will be at peace. The person will be very punctual and will complete all tasks on time. Since more people will trust an honest person, he or she will find more friend and will be supported all around. An honest person will not be involved in cheating, lying, lack of trust, greed, stealing, and any other immoral acts.

Honesty promotes authenticity. It is a reflection of the thoughts and feelings of a person. It is a form of self-expression, and if a person is honest, people will know what he or she truly is. It also makes the person confident. To speak the truth, it needs a lot of courage and confidence, Only a coward will tell lies because he or she is afraid of the truth is an act of bravery. Telling lies also shows that the person is low on self-confidence.

English Proficiency MIL Assignment Answer

Honesty brings maturity. An honesty speaks the truth in a mature, no-hurtful manner. Therefore, the person does not hurt others, and therefore, his or her relationship with others remains good. Such a good relationship develops a connection between people. Such good relationship also gives you peace of mind. Therefore honesty brings high-quality and trustworthy friendships to a person

Honesty makes a person feel free. They do not have to keep any secrets. They know that is right, and will speak it naturally. They do not have to take the tension of making a false story and say it , in the same manner, every time. Honesty keeps troubles away from a person.

Question Two

Write a short composition in about 150 words on a place you would like to visit and why.


We all have a place that we would like to visit at least once in our lifetimes. For me that place is Italy. There are many reasons why Italy remains to be my number one travelling destination. With a culture spanning more than 2500 years, it is among the few ancient civilizations that have stood the test of time and are still existence that have stood the test of time and are still in existence today. As a result, Ialy is the home to prehistoric sites and ancient monuments.

English Proficiency MIL Assignment Answer – 62031207 BA Prog. 2nd Sem

It is also the world capital of fashion and is the home to gorgeous beaches and ethereal land formations that are sure to blow everyone’s minds away. The language is also very beautiful-I mean the word romantic must have had its origins from the Italians, because of their seductive nature. And the Italian cuisine is without a doubt the best on earth. To be honest, there are so many wonderful places in Italy that I’m uncertain which places to visit first. According to the general consensus however, these are the places to visit on the first trip.

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