Essay on Importance of Education

Essay on Importance of Education: Education is the most important thing for human beings. It is a continuous and lifelong process. It brings a great change in our life. Life becomes prosper and meaningful. It is the foundation of human developments. It is the foundation of human developments. It is said that education is the third eye of human beings.

Paragraph On Importance Of Education

Education teaches us to be polite. So education makes the people polite and courteous to others. They are always helpful honest and hardworking. Education is that properly which cannot be stolen. We can take this property whenever we go. Educated people are always respected. They are respected wherever they go education teaches us to be civilized. They can understand the problem of other people.

Educatio provides manpower like doctors, mechanics, pilots, teachers etc. They can play an important role for development of the country. Uneducated people are burden for the country.

An educated person can solve any problem easily and efficiently. He can easily find out what is good and that is bad. He does not blindly accept or reject anything. Educated people can change the whole society they are always involved in creative works.

Education is like a candle which makes the dark place bright.

Educated people are never deceived educated farmers can produce more crops by applying new farming method educated people are respected not only during his life but also after his death. So, a country should give first prior to education. Unless a country educated its people, development is impossible.

Essay On Importance Of Education

Essay 2

Education plays a significant role in the progress of human race. Educated people are the responsible for the better future of society or country. An educated person not only gets the platform of various opportunities for success but builds a strong nation. Education teaches the ability to read and write. Reading and writing is the first step in education. Education improves and refines the speech of a person. It improves the personality of humans. An educated individual is brave, confident and smart as well. All great leaders of this world, scientists, doctors and engineers are educated people. Education helps in the development and innovation of technology. Important development in war equipment, medicine, computers, take place due to education. Education is a ray of light in the darkness. It helps us to acquire knowledge and that knowledge can be used to make a better living. Most importantly knowledge and education is something which can never be destroyed by any type of natural or man-mode disaster.

नमस्ते मेरा नाम अजीत ठाकुर ज्ञानवर्ल्ड में आपका स्वागत है, मै पिछले 4 सालो से कंप्यूटर सॉफ्टवेयर टीचर हूँ और साथ ही ज्ञानवर्ल्ड वेबसाइट का लेखक हूँ। मेरा उद्देशय और इस वेबसाइट के माध्यम से ज्ञानवर्धक जानकारियां उपलब्ध करवाना है जो विभिन्न विषयो में आपका ज्ञान बढ़ाएगी। उम्मीद करता हूँ आपको यह एजुकेशनल वेबसाइट पसंद आएगी

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