Essay On My Aim In Life In English

Essay On My Aim In Life In English: An aimless person is just like a ship without a direction. Ambition makes a person active and hardworking. Everyone has their own aim.

Essay One

Introduction: Aim is a thing what to achieve. “Aim in Life” means what we wish to become or do in our life. If we wish to achieve it passionately it is our ambition of life.

Importance: Making an aim in life is very important. Our future depends on it. An aimless person is like a pendulum that moves regularly but reaches where. So, without aim, success is doubtful.

Limitations: Everyone is free to choose work of his own choice but there are limitations we should make our aim according to our taste and capacity.

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Paragraph My Aim In Life Essay

My Aim: So far as I am concerned i wish to become a doctor. I have made me this aim after considering all the factors. I have consulted my parents and teachers to be doctor suits my taste and capacity.

Service to making: I shall establish my clinic in a village where good doctors are not available my ambition to be a doctor is for earning money.

Conclusion: To be a doctor is not my aim but it is my ambition in life. It has enough opportunity to serve mankind.

Essay On My Aim In Life In English – Essay Two

Everybody must have an aim in life. A man without an aim in life is like a boat without an oar. Now i am a student of class XII. But i have already fixed my aim in life. I want to be a good teacher. Why a teacher?

Well, I think it is the noblest profession in the world. A good teacher is a real maker of a nation. R.G. Ingersoll said, “One good school master is worth a thousand priests.”

Today’s being influenced by good teachers. I want to take part in the process of nation building in this way. Besides, through this noble profession i want to keep in touch with knowledge and youth to the end of my life. Now i am preparing myself well to be a good teacher.

Essay Three

My aim in life is to become a doctor. It is a noble profession. A doctor serves humanity. Only a doctor can understand the disease and treat it. A doctor always tries to keep his patients comfortable and relaxed.

It is my dream to do something good for the people around me. By becoming a doctor I will be able to help other people by curing their diseases I shall consider it my duty to help the needy people if i become a doctor then the treatment will be free for the poor people.

A doctor is equipped with comprehensive him to diagnose and treat his patients with correct procedure. He prescribes medicines to alleviate our suffering. Only a doctor has knowledge of medicines. One cannot take a medicine/tablet without consulting a doctor.

I know that becoming a doctor is not an easy task, but i have confidence in myself. I shall try my best to achieve my goal.

Essay Four

My aim in life is to become a doctor. It is a noble profession. A doctor gets many chances from dispenses. He can also earn a lot of money my wish is to serve the poor. I shall treat them free of charges. I shall go to village and treat them with care and attention for this, i shall be respected everywhere. Now, I am studying science. I am working very hard May God Help me in my Aim.

My Aim In Life Essay 150 Words – Essay Five

My Aim in life is to become IAS officer. There are many reasons behind this decision. The first reason is service to the nation i want to contribute to nation’s advancement by becoming an IAS officer. Our country needs lots of dedicated. Honest and hardworking officers at the central and state level post.

Most of the resources are wasted in corruption miss management and other unfair practices. By becoming IAS officers I want to ensure honest and optimal utilization of national resources. I will ensure all the finds released by the government are spent honest in the development project.

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