Importance of Games And Sports Essay - 10 Lines

Importance of Games And Sports Essay 10 Lines: Our body is like a machine. A machine cannot work without oiling. In the same way our body cannot work properly without exercise, games and sports. They gives us energy. The importance of games and sports in our life is very great. The games makes us active and healthy and health is true wealth. Games and sports make us disciplined. They keep the machine of life run smoothly. They teach us team spirit. We learn to adjust with others. They teach us co–operation. Every player thinks of the team. They develop the spirit of self- sacrifice. Games and sports also helps in increasing the IQ of a person and its presence of mind. Young people can have a bright carrier in sports field too. Participation in sports is helpful for everyone. We must regularly take part in at least one sport to stay fit and fine. Teachers and parents should also encourage children to participating in sports.

Essay One

  1. Games and Sports keep our body healthy.
  2. They help us to digest our food better.
  3. They make our muscles strong.
  4. Games and Sports teach discipline and co-operation.
  5. Education is not complete without sports.
  6. Many kinds of sports are played in schools and colleges.
  7. Games are a very good way of passing time.
  8. After working hard all day in school or office one can relax by playing.
  9. We can develop our health and mind.
  10. Health is Wealth.

Importance of Games And Sports Essay

Essay Two

  1. Sports and games are a necessary part of our life.
  2. They keep our body strong.
  3. They keep us fresh and active.
  4. Sports build the character of a young man.
  5. Sports tach us the meaning of life.
  6. Games are also important for our mental health.
  7. it is said that a sound mind only exists in a sound body.
  8. So, sports and games are essential for a sound mind.
  9. Sports and games remove the burden of life.
  10. We should play sports in order to enjoy a happy life.

Essay Three

  1. The games and sports improve our health.
  2. They build our body and refresh our mind.
  3. They make us active and smart.
  4. The games and sports build our character.
  5. Winning or defeat has no meaning for him.
  6. There are two types of games, the outdoor games and indoor games.
  7. The outdoor games are Cricket, Hockey and Football.
  8. The indoor games are Table Tennis, Badminton and play cards.
  9. A good player is a lover of mankind.
  10. What he learns in the playground makes him a good citizen.

Essay Four

  1. Sports and games are very essential for body and mind.
  2. They are important like fresh water and food.
  3. They make our body strong and prevent us from diseases.
  4. Games and Sports remove the burden of life.
  5. They build the character of young men.
  6. They make us regular, active and smart.
  7. They refresh our body and mind sports teach us the meaning of a team.
  8. There are many sports available
  9. My favorite sport is Cricket
  10. Health is wealth

Essay Five

  1. Sports helps us to maintain our health.
  2. Sports are of various kinds.
  3. Sports like Cricket, Football, Basketball, Volleyball are very famous.
  4. It is passion for some people and they makes career in it.
  5. Sports have particular accessories for certain games.
  6. It makes us strong and much more healthy.
  7. Sports makes our body active.
  8. Many companies helps to promote sports.
  9. Health is the most important aspect in sportsman’s life.
  10. Every year on 29th August, National Sports day is celebrated.

Essay Six

  1. Games and Sports from a very necessary part of our life.
  2. They keep us healthy, wealthy and wise.
  3. They refresh our mind and make us bold and confident.
  4. They are useful for mind and body only a healthy student can attain higher results.
  5. Games teach us many qualities like cooperation, fellow feeling, punctuality sympathy, affection and the spirit of help.
  6. They prepare us for playing the game of life and also give us the best education in the art of living.
  7. A true sportsman has no ill will against anyone.
  8. Games develop courage and confidence and also help in making us of our surplus energy.
  9. Our education is incomplete without games and sports.
  10. In short games helps us to make good citizens.

Importance of Games And Sports Essay – 10 Lines / Essay Seven

  1. Sports play great role in our overall development.
  2. Sports help to improve physical and mental fitness.
  3. Sports teach us discipline, team spirit and time management.
  4. Regular sports can help to increase stamina and strength of bones and muscles.
  5. Individual sports us patience, improves concentration and thinking ability.
  6. Sports enhance social and personal development in our life.
  7. Sports increases our immunity power.
  8. Regular sporting activities can prevent us from many diseases.
  9. Many big sports events help to build better economy of a nation.
  10. We should play sports regularly to keep ourselves fit and healthy.

Essay Eight

  1. Sports have great importance in our lives.
  2. There are two types of games. Indoor and Outdoor
  3. Sports keep our body fit.
  4. Sports make us active and smart.
  5. Playing sports also helps us to exercise.
  6. Sports improves our mental and physical health.
  7. Sports are an essential part of all human beings.
  8. Sports certainly keep the body fit and slim.
  9. The gams and sports improve our health.
  10. Sports build our body and refresh our mind.

Essay Nine

  1. Sports play a major part in improving our physical and mental fitness.
  2. Sports help in developing Self Confidence, Team Spirit, and Mental & Physical toughness.
  3. There are two types of sports, Indoor and Outdoor.
  4. Every sport has a set of rules to ensure fair competition.
  5. Doping to enhance performance is restricted in all kind of sports.
  6. Sports help to improve our physical and mental coordination.
  7. Sports are an essential part of everybody’s life.
  8. Sports teach us discipline the value of time, unity and togetherness.
  9. Olympics, World Cups, and Commonwealth Games etc. helps in spreading Universal Brotherhood.
  10. Sports are mandatory in school for the welfare of the students.

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