Essay On My Aim In Life In English

Paragraph My Aim In Life Essay: Aim is a thing what to achieve. “Aim in Life” means what we wish to become or do in our life. If we wish to achieve it passionately it is our ambition of life.

Essay One

An aimless person is just like a ship without a direction. Ambition makes a person active and hardworking. Everyone has their own aim. My aim in life is to become on army officer. The armed forces have always held a special place in my heart and i have always been inspired by the bravery, honour and commitment of soldiers. want to be a part of this noble profession and serve my country with distinction.

I believe that becoming an army officer will give me an opportunity to make a difference and contribute to the security and prosperity of my nation. I am fully aware of the challenges that come with this professional but I am confident in my abilities and ready to face them.

I’m committed to putting in the hard work and dedication required to succeed in this field and I am eager to learn from the experience of those who have come before me. I am confident that if I stay focused and determined, I am achieving my goal of becoming an army officer and serving my country with distinction.

Everyone has definite aim in their life. It is very important to have aim in life. So the aim of life is to give your life a purpose and meaning. Life without aim is like a ship without sailor. It is enough to have a single aim and do our best to reach it. Life without aim is meaningless. It is necessary to have aim for a successful life.

Everybody has some aim in life so they choose different aim in life. Either someone wants to become a doctor or an engineer or a businessman. But I want to become a teacher. I have a passion for teaching and learning. Teaching is a noble profession.

My Aim In Life Essay 100 Words

A teacher play very important role in the society. A teacher is known as the nation builder. Today’s children will be tomorrow’s ideal citizen being influenced by a good teacher. So I want to take part in the nation building in this way.

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Essay On My Aim In Life In English

Now I am preparing myself well to be a good teacher. By becoming a teacher, I want to install good values, discipline, inspiration, motivation and confidence in the students for their future.

Paragraph My Aim In Life Essay – Essay Two

Different people find happiness in different things. So they choose different aims in their life. Someone wants to become a teacher, someone an engineer, someone a doctor and the list goes on. My aim in life is to become a doctor and dedicate myself in giving people a better life.

Even in the modern world our hospitals do not have enough doctors and many people die due to lack of good treatment. A good doctor can save many lives and bring happiness to the family.

Having an aim in life is very necessary because without it our life becomes directionless and we never get the ultimate success. Choosing one’s aim is not a very easy task because we are all made for different purposes.

Conclusion: Becoming a doctor is of course my aim in life and I work very hard to achieve it. Someday if I could become a doctor I would do my duties very well. But I will never forget the duty of taking care of my old parents.

My Aim In Life Paragraph – Essay Three

Everybody has some aims in life. It is very important. A man without aim can have no success in life. Different peoples have different aims in their life. I also have one aim in my life. I want to become a teacher. Teaching is a noble profession. Teachers are the ones who shape the second parents of the children. Teacher want make the students a good human being and a good citizen. Teachers prepare and guide their students for a successful life. By becoming a teacher, I want to educate my country people and create new ideas, new methods of learning and sharing knowledge.

It provides me joy and, I feed satisfied in importing knowledge. People should have aim in their life, because it makes a difference in life and it make different from other people.

My Ambition In Life Essay – Essay Four

 Introduction: Everybody must have a definite aim in life. An aimless life is useless. Everybody has to choose a line of his teats. We can do nothing without aim. So, there should be aim in our life. Only an Aimful person can get success in life. Without aim, a man is like a wanderer.

My Aim: Aims are differ like names. Everybody has aim in his life. Some want power and fame. But i like that a man should not live only for himself. It is his duty to live for other and for himself. It is my aim that I want to serve humanity. I want to be a teacher. It is a noble profession. A teacher is a nation builder. I have no desire for money. So I want to be a village school teacher. Swami Vivekananda also said, “The Teacher is greater than father because a father gives a child only body but the teacher shows him the way of salvation.”

So, I want to be a teacher in primary school. Primary education is the formation of higher education. I shall try to teach my students to speak the truth. I will teach my students to rise early I the morning. Moral education will be the main part of my education.

Conclusion: Like this I shall create civilized citizens for my country. Only then my country will be great. Our country can progress if there are good citizens in it. I shall be famous like Socrates. My name will be remembered by my students. So, i want to be a teacher in my life.

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