Sol Du English Fluency Assignment Answer – 62031206 BA Prog. Sem. II

Sol Du English Fluency Assignment Answer: इस आर्टिकल में आपको Sol DU के के सभी असाइनमेंट के आंसर मिलेंगे, जिसकी मदद से आप अपना असाइनमेंट जल्दी और आसानी से कर सकते

Sol Du Ba Bcom All Assignment Answer List

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English Fluency Assignment Answer – 62031206

Question One:

You recently visited a shopping mall after a very long time. Write a diary entry, in about 400 words, describe what you saw around you.



Dear Diary,

Today I had visited a shopping mall with my friends. It is the biggest mall in the city. It was my first time to visit such a huge mall so I was very excited. The shopping mall we went to was not far from her residence and was one of the biggest malls in the city. I was left with my jaw hanging when I looked at the enormity of the structure. It spanned the length equivalent to ten houses in my district. As we were nearing the entry, I felt a gush of cold air coming from inside. Not being very used to air-conditioning, it was a new experience for me. My aunt told me that she would buy new clothes and a bag for me.

There was a huge crowd inside the mall and loud music played. At one particular corner, there was a music event in progress. We entered one of the stores inside the mall and i was astounded to find so many varieties of clothes at the same place. It looked so colorful from a distance. We went from one ract to another looking through t shirts and jeans. I had never seen the usage of an ATM card before. The eateries at the mall were all big and enticing. food items raging from burgers, sandwiches, pizzas to Indian, Chinese, continental, etc, were available, My aunt took me to a Chinese eatery where she ordered haka noodles and ginger chicken. It tasted delicious, better than any other fast food i had before. We then had ice-cream for dessert.

Sol du assignment answer

There are five sections in the mall. First section had shops which are selling clothes for ladies and children. Second section had shops which are selling clothing jewellery. Fourth section had shops selling household things and last section is fun zone where I and my friends players and enjoyed a lot. I never forget tis wonderful day. The visit to the shopping mall was new and exciting experience for me. I saw many new thing which I don’t usually get see at my place. I was brimming with joy holding my new clothes and wearing new shoes. I expressed my desire of visiting the mall again to my aunt to which she smiled and agreed.



Write a review, in around 400 words, of a film that you have seen recently or a book that you have read.


the age of the “Whodunnit” has long since passed, which, if Kenneth Branagh’s turgid 2017 interpretation of “Murder on the Orient Express” in 2017 is anything to go by, is no bad thing.

Here, just a few years later, director Rian Johnson gives us an updated take on this format, in the shape of “Knives Out” a modern murder mystery with an enticing plot and undeniably stellar cast. However, the question that must be asked is, given the antiquated nature of films such as these, should we really care?

The answer is a resounding “yes!” From the outset, “Knives Out” weaves the viewer into its world, juxtaposing the classic tone of the format against a more modern setting and collection of characters. The predominant location of the story, an isolated country house whipped straight from the ‘Whodunnit’ playbook, is perfectly-rendered, containing trinkets both old and new, including intricate ornaments and secret windows, as well as stylish surroundings and defiant coffee cups that state: My House. My Rules. My Coffee”. Most importantly, the film strikes the right balance between simplicity and complexity, also paying homage to the films that have inspired it while giving them a fresh twist.

BA Prog Assignment Answer

The story focuses on the aftermath of the supposed suicide of Harlan Thrombey (Christophe Plummer), a famous crime author and patriarch of a thoroughly unlikeable gang of moguls, cheats and leeches one could barely describe as a family, following the arrival of renowned private detective, Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig), the almost – concluded investigation turns into a murder inquiry – and everyone is a suspect.

The first act of the film is commendably sharp and slick, powering through initial interviews with each of the characters with effortless aplomb and humor. Each Character, it is revealed, has a potential motive for bumping Harlan off to the afterlife, but, such are the circumstances surrounding the death, how and when could anyone in the family have done the deed?

In truth the film could be described as one long red herring, leading viewers down an intriguing path that keeps a tight hold on our attention until it …. doesn’t. However, what “Knives Out” does exceptionally well is then, ultimately, what lets it down, building the story to the point where it is almost impossible for most of the characters to have been behind the murder, except for the character or characters it turns out to be. The identity of the murderer or murderers is so signposted that it is almost unbelievable – and viewers will most likely be waiting for the further twist that, regretfully, does not appear.

That is not to say that the film is not worth your time or money. This is a romping, engaging, self-aware, fun and, at times, very funny addition to the format, with each actor bringing as close to their A-game as possible. Keeping you guessing for a satisfyingly sufficient amount of its two-hour run-tie, you could do far worse than to do a little amateur sleuthing on a wet winter’s day.

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